Odds and Ends

South Dakota, comedians, and elections oh my.

Writing this from South Dakota where I am for a work conference. After a long day of travel and panicking about election results (overall a historic day and a solid democratic haul, but why can’t we have all of the nice things, like Beto or Stacy Abrams or Andrew Gillum) here are some random odds and ends.

A Fun Story

On my flight from Thunder Bay to Toronto, we had a lot of turbulence. During it, these songs played in order on my Spotify:

Closing Time -I sure hope it’s not

I Will Follow You Into The Dark -nooooope

Sugar, We’re Going Down – a little on the nose, universe.

Thankfully, no crashes.

Quotes I Think About A Lot I

“If you can live your life without an audience, you should do it” – Bo Burnham

Now that iPhone tells me the exact amount of time I spend scrolling mindlessly through social media, Bo’s quote (advice? warning?) comes to mind often.

Quotes I Think About A Lot II

“Obama took out his iPad. ‘I’ve got a song stuck in my head,’ he said, and started playing it at top volume – something I’d never seen him do in hundreds of these limo rides. ‘Thrift Shop,’ by Macklemore. He and Susan [Rice] started dancing in their sears, bobbing and weaving from side to side – ‘I’m gonna pop some tags, only got twenty dollars in my pocket’- as I sat there uncomfortably, the stiff white guy listening to the white rapper, a smile frozen on my face, wondering what the two Secret Service agents sitting in the front of the limo were thinking. This, I thought is a guy who is out of fucks.” – Ben Rhodes, former Deputy National Security Advisor under President Obama from his book, The World As It Is.

I love the fact that Obama had the same ear worm as I did in 2013. The passage is talking about how loose he was going into the final two years of his presidency, still trying to get the right thing done while the House and Senate worked against him. It’s also just a fantastically painted picture by Ben Rhodes.

I may be Canadian, he may be retired, but that’s my president right there.

A Plea

When Canadian elections come around, do your research and vote. Annoy your friends into voting. Make politics important in your discussion because they are important in your lives.

A South Dakota Haiku

In South Dakota

the most exciting thing here

has been the McRib

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