Wallet, Phone, Keys

The other things I try to remember to bring, not just my phone, wallet, and keys.

When leaving the house, I do the same routine every time. Slapping my pants pockets, I make sure I have the same things: wallet, phone, keys (home or work). In the winter, lip balm is added. It’s a simple process to remember that I’ve got everything.

Through my last couple months of counselling, I’ve started to keep a checklist of other things to remember to bring with me. Similar to leaving my phone or my wallet at home, if I don’t remember to bring this stuff with me my day is sometimes tougher than it should be.

The first one is self compassion. It’s a hard concept for a perfectionist like me to remember to be nice not just to other people, but to myself as well. It is a hard fact that there will be days that you don’t do as best as you usually do, don’t have the energy, or something gets in the way. It’s important to remember to be compassionate to yourself. Self care is the maintenance, and self compassion is the appreciation of yourself.

Side note: don’t you hate how attached you are to your phone when you forget it? I mean, it’s all fun and games to walk around and pretend like it’s 1995, but I have memes to scroll through when I go to the bathroom. Sucks to forget your phone.

Second thing to remember to bring (rhyme alert) is reminders. These are little things that remind me of people that care about me, things I’ve done, feelings I’ve had. They’re not physical things (could you imagine me just carrying around boxes of warm fuzzies? I mean, I would do it if I could but I lack leg strength). Instead, they’re just reminders to keep in mind as I go through my days. When I forget, the day is just so much longer.

Also, gratitude! Remembering to be thankful for little things, big things, people, dogs in costumes, all of it. When I forget to be grateful, sometimes I turn into a straight-up monster.

Now, I don’t do a physical check or a little pat-down dance like I do with my PWK (Phone-Wallet-Keys, keep up people). I do try and remind myself throughout the day to slow down. Be nice to yourself. Think of all the good you’ve done. What are you grateful for? When I do that, it’s a bit better of a day.

What do you always try and remember to bring with you each day?

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