A Passion for Stories

Trying to narrow down my passion, finding ways to tell stories, plus a very tentative announcement of something fun.

Lately at work, we’ve been talking about passions. What are the passions we have, and how do we bring them into the work we do? Naturally, I turned this question on myself.

I think I have lots of interests, but it took some thinking to come up with my passion. I love mental health work and awareness, helping others, sports, comedy, and lots of other things. But if I had to boil it down, what is my passion? What do I get energy from? Well for that, it’s story time.

In 2016, I was in the Sports Journalism program at Loyalist College and was looking for an internship. My teacher (one of the wisest mentors I had) said I needed something that set me a part from the group, and she could see what it was: I have a passion for storytelling.

At first it sounded… bogus? It seemed fabricated for an interview. The more that I thought about it, the more it made sense.

Everything I get energy and fulfilment from seems to be around hearing or telling stories. The easiest idea was stand-up. To me, stand-up comedy is one of the purest art forms around. At it’s core, it’s just story telling. Multiple stories told to make people laugh. I love hearing stand-up, writing it, and talking about it. Those stories make me happy.

I love wrestling because it’s story telling mixed with sports. I even love sports for the side stories – the tales of comebacks, revenge, rivalry, and triumph. Seeing the story of the game unfold, and for me, being able to call them and tell those stories to everyone by broadcasting the games. Those stories also make me happy.

The perfect night to me is sharing laughs and stories with close friends over food and drink. There is nothing more exciting to me than letting others tell their story, and finding ways to tell my own.

Which all ties into this website. It’s a place for me to tell my stories (as rambling or strange as they may be) and also let others tell stories through interviews. Sharing stories and lessons we’ve learned brings us all together.

I’m excited to get some more stories going during the summer, and am looking at some big additions to the website. Those big additions – a ten-episode podcast series in the summer so people can tell you interesting stories in their own words. Plus, you get to hear the sounds of my voice. Win-win, right?

My passion is storytelling, in any medium. Stand-up, broadcasting, print, interviews, anything. And now, maybe some podcasting. Coming soon to eardrums near you. If anyone has ideas for topics or interviews, let me know.

Peace & Blessingz,

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