What’s the Funniest Thing in the World to You?

I asked, y’all provided. Here are some of the things you think are the funniest in the world.

The website is called it’s all pretty funny, right? So I reached out and asked people: “What is the funniest thing in the world to you?” And now, I will present all of the answers I received with some examples. That way what makes other people laugh can make you laugh as well.


“In answer to your question, I think babies laughing at weird things (bubbles, dogs, ripping paper) or the TV show taskmaster (which you would love by the way) are the funniest things in the world.”

This kid gives me life.

“The Free Shavacado vine.”

One of the greatest vines of all-time, really.

”The funniest thing to me: people slipping and falling on ice. I am the awful person that stands there laughing rather than helping.”

”I saw your post and I’m a total a-hole and I think people like falling and getting mildly hurt is the funniest…I love shows like Tosh.0 because I laugh the entire time.”

It’s almost like I asked the guy who filmed this video to tell me his favourite thing. Falling on ice – one of those things that’s funny until it happens to you too. Also those were two answers from two different people, but clearly you two should be friends.

“The stupid shit my best friend does on a daily basis is the funniest thing.”

While I don’t have any particular videos of this best friend pair, just imagine it’s these two. That girl really has some trouble with spelling..

”I think the funniest thing in the world is seeing someone get sacked. It can happen in so many different ways, often by surprise, and its hilarious when it’s not you.”

So simple. So pure. My friend might be Homer Simpson.

”Dude, YouTube videos of cats being scared are literally the funniest.”

Well then dude, you’re going to like this one of a guy scaring his cats by being a bigger cat.

”Funniest thing I’ve watched in a while.”

I like this one because the video came attached. I like when no work is required for me.


What else do you think is worthy of the title “funniest thing in the world?” I’m intrigued, and frankly, I like laughing so hard that tears run down my face and no sound comes out. So send me your funny things! Comment them below.

Thanks for all the laughs this round. Until next time!

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