Money Talk

A story about money growing up, and how views on money are hard to change.

I’m four years old and at home. My mom is on the phone with one of our family friends and I hear her say that we’re “broke.” I’m confused, because I seem to be in one piece and so is mom, so how can we be broken? So I ask my mom what “broke” means. My mom, the honest-Lorelai-Gilmore-type that she is, explains it.

”It means we don’t really have money to spend on things we don’t need. We have food, and the house, and we’re fine, but we don’t have money to spend on things that we don’t really need.”

I kinda get it.

Later that week, we’re at the grocery store and I find a sticker book. I am obsessed with sticker books and making the scenes. I’d usually get one each time we were at the grocery store. Then I remember what mom said about being broke. So I yell at my mom, loud as ever, to make sure she can hear me:

”MOM! Can we buy the sticker book or are we still broke?!”

Another reason my mom can’t bring me anywhere.

I think everyone has a different relationship to money and it’s based on experiences growing up. That might be the coldest hot take of 2018, but it’s true.

This year was the first year I ever really considered myself financially stable. So much so that instead of buying a used beater car in cash, I was convinced to go and buy a better, more long term investment car and do a plan. I felt comfortable enough to take two trips, something that was never really a thing I did growing up.

Money has always been something to be saved, to be stored away for a rainy day.

Living is expensive, y’all.

My views on money really have remained the same. I still think Metro is the fancy grocery store. I buy in bulk always. I still eat some of the “struggle dinners” in a week, like a nice PB&J or some soup. Budgeting is something I struggle with (planning is hard) but it’s still an important step to take

I was taught the value of a dollar from a young age. I don’t think that will ever change, and I really hope to one day pass that same value on to my own kids.

It’s important to sit back and look at your own view on money too. I guess if anything, that’s what to take from this one.

That and I was a bit of a shit when I was a kid.

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