Last Day in Washington & New Years Alternatives

A recap of the end of my DC trip, plus some alternatives to those phrases you hear every New Years.

I’m back in the land of Tim Hortons and constant World Juniors coverage. My trip to Washington D.C. is done, 2017 is in it’s final moments, so some final thoughts on my trip and some alternatives to things you’ll hear on New Years.

  • Last full day of the trip involved a walk through the National Mall (all the monuments and memorials). I met Karen, a super sweet Jehovah’s Witness giving away literature. When I mentioned being from Northern Ontario, she remembered visiting a nice town up there called “Saint Soo Marie.” This of course is my hometown, Sault Ste. Marie, which lead to a big hug from a stranger.
  • While taking photos, I wondered how many backgrounds of other people’s photos I’m in. Not just from this trip, but in general.
  • There were such different levels of noise on the National Mall. Some places were loud and busy (Lincoln Memorial) while some were peaceful and quiet (MLK Memorial).
  • There is beauty in finding a gallery room empty in a busy museum.
  • The Lincoln Memorial was overwhelming in size and beauty.
  • You know the joke about there being Starbucks on every corner in America. It’s true and I’m so thankful. I could use them to get wifi to call Ubers, take a break from the chill outside, and have delicious hot chocolate.
  • There was snow on my way out of town at 4 am. People were losing their minds. It was great.
  • I slipped through Virginia on my way out of town. Number of states visited going into 2017: 1. Going into 2018: 8.

    Myself & my DC friends Shaun & Wayne
  • Five of those states were on route to airports or airports, but who is counting?
  • So thankful to my home base while in DC – Brick Lane. Delicious food, good service from my main man Omar (who gave me a bear hug on my way out the door Friday) and fun conversations.

New Years Alternatives

To ring in the new year, you’re going to hear a lot of these two phrases: “New Year, New Me” and “New Years Resolutions.” Instead, I’ll offer some alternatives:

Instead of “New Year, New Me”:

  • New Year, Newsies – just keep watching the musical.
  • New Year, Nutella – an easy and delicious decision.
  • New Year, New Memes – what weird crap will we turn into memes while waiting for the world to end? It’s an exciting thing to look forward to.
  • New Year, New York – or replaced with your other favourite “new” state.
  • New Year, New Meek – he’s responded from catching that L from Drake.
  • New Year, New Kids on the Block – they had a bunch of hits, and Chinese food makes me sick.

Instead of “New Years Resolutions”:

  • New Years Reservations – at your favourite restaurant.
  • New Years Renovations – finally fix up that half-bath.
  • New Years Relocations – get out of there!
  • New Years Rejuvenations – face mask, cleanse, whatever it looks like.
  • New Years Ratatouille – the movie or the meal.

Just a way to switch it up heading into 2018. Happy New Years everyone!

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