Traveling to Washington & Day 1

Where I was adopted by a gay couple, nearly cried on an airplane, and found jazz on NW 14th st.

It’s day one in Washington and I’ve been up since 4:45 am. Lots has happened in that time, and I felt that after seven beers was an appropriate time to fill all y’all in on my travels to America and my first night in the other nation’s capital.

  • I somewhat lost my phone on the flight from Sault Ste. Marie to Toronto (which was 2.5 hours delayed). The absolute nicest people were on the flight and helped me look for it. Of course, it was in the front pocket of my carry on. Because why wouldn’t it be?
  • One of my favourite things was hearing an elderly lady talk about how much she loved and preferred WestJet TO one of the Porter flight attendants. Just… why?
  • There was a grandpa sticking a baby blue balloon to the cabin ceiling, much to the delight of his grandchild. Things like that fill me with so much glee.
  • There was a weird swelling of emotion that came from having done something plainly for myself. This trip is really just for me, and it’s a foreign feeling. I think the fact that I was listing to Sam Smith didn’t help with the high emotions.
  • To the guy who waited 0.1 seconds after the wheels touched down in Washington to open Grindr, I salute you and your commitment.
  • There was tremendous timing as I finished my book about Richard Nixon as my shuttle guide pointed out Watergate hotel to my left.
  • I appreciate Marty the shuttle driver. He drives like a maniac, but he was funny.
  • A couple of people from Capitol Hill were intrigued by my lack of “Canadian accent.” I did not know what they were talking aboot.
  • Shout out to Omar from Brick Lane in Washington – one of the best three course meals of my life, plus a “welcome to D.C.” brew. I will have dreams of that chocolate lava cake for the next while.
  • The couple of people from earlier? Wayne and Sean, a gay couple who adopted me for the evening and brought me to two D.C. gay bars. According to Wayne, Washington is the gayest city per capita in America, and who am I to google stats. They treated me to beers and told me all about D.C., and I am so grateful to my two new tour guides.
  • They also invited me to drinks on Capitol Hill on Friday with people who are apparently very important? Neat. Very neat.
  • Wayne & Sean also guided me to the last stop of my evening – Sotto, a jazz speakeasy which provided the perfect end to a perfect day. I don’t remember ever feeling so relaxed.

So that was day one! What will day two hold? Who knows, but once I do I’ll let all of you know. To all those I haven’t talked to, Happy Holidays! Talk to you soon.

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