One Year Anniversary: Things I Think I Think

30 things I think I think for one year of writing this site.

October 5th last year I started writing this blog. It’s become a part of who I am. So to celebrate, I’m just going to list some things that I think I think based on the last year. It’s been a hell of a year for me, and for everyone probably. These are just some things I think I think:

  1. I think it’s okay to pray, even if you don’t know exactly what or who you’re praying to. Even if you don’t know if you even believe in it, there’s nothing wrong with praying for change or strength.
  2. I think the road to loving yourself is lined with days that feel like hating yourself.
  3. I think the days of hating yourself sometimes are the days where you just question yourself for real. What do you stand for, who are you, and what do you want. Are you going that way? Keeping yourself from growing is a barrier to loving yourself.
  4. I think when people say drink more water, they might be on to something.
  5. I think Spotify premium might be the best investment I’ve made since my degree.
  6. I think you can’t really go home again, but you can always carry home with you.
  7. I think that even with that said, I haven’t felt a love for a place like I did when I drove in to North Bay for homecoming. I’ve never been happier to see the Canadore buildings.
  8. I think I really don’t know how much some people care about me. At the same time, I think some people don’t know how much I care about them. That’s something I can work to change.
  9. I think Sam Smith might literally be an angel.
  10. I think that I finally have a haircut I really like, even if it does look a lot like every other white guys haircut.
  11. I think sometimes goals can be too lofty, but you’ll get there by sticking through it.
  12. I think watching Please Like Me was an experience beyond it being a good show.
  13. I think an election that doesn’t govern me managed to hurt me and people around me in a way I didn’t expect.
  14. I think that it also lit a fire under so many young people that can’t be ignored.
  15. I think recognizing the importance of the family you define is a part of growing up.
  16. I think Coloring Book will be a part of my album rotation for the rest of my life. Hope my kids enjoy listening to Sunday Candy in my future minivan.
  17. I think that it’s a lot easier to be happier for someone than to hold a grudge.
  18. I think honestly showing poetry to people was the second most brave thing I did this past year.
  19. I think moving to Thunder Bay was the most.
  20. I think I’m getting better at sticking in moments when they happen.
  21. I think Autumn has really managed to sneak up on my rankings of favourite seasons.
  22. I think I’m learning the impact that writing and art can have. I’ve had people quote my writing on their sites, their Instagrams, and to my face. Hearing that something I wrote could relate to someone else makes us both a little less lonely, right?
  23. I think I should learn Portuguese
  24. I think I’m getting better at sticking in moments when they happen. I think I need to hire or borrow an editor so I don’t put the same thing on here twice.
  25. I think the world is full of interesting people I haven’t met yet, which excites me.
  26. I think I might never meet a lot of them, which bothers me.
  27. I think if I have half as good of a New Years this year as I did to ring in 2017, I’ll be a happy guy.
  28. I think now that I’ve started travelling (across the province, to the U.S) I’m afraid for my wallet that I won’t stop keep going further and further.
  29. I think some of the most important parts of being human are connection, art, laughter, humanity, and love. Bringing those into the world might be all we can really do to make this a better place.
  30. I think I frequently have no idea what the hell I’m talking about. It’s all part of the learning process, and laughing off things when something goes wrong. I mean, it IS all pretty funny.

I’m really happy with how a year of writing this site has gone. Interviewing some people (really fell off on that one.. whoops. Next year – more interviews) and writing some of the weird thoughts in my head. Bringing great stand-ups to people’s attention, and also sharing my own attempts.

If my writing has made you feel anything: laughter, thoughtfulness, sadness, anger, hope, joy, whatever. If it has, thank you. I’ll keep on writing if you keep on reading.

To more years in the future.


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