What’s So Funny?

Why It’s All Pretty Funny has the name it does.

When I started this blog, it was mainly to get ideas that get crammed in my head out into the open. There weren’t a lot of opportunities to do stand-up comedy, which is the normal way I get all of it out into the open. So instead, this site came into creation.

It’s morphed now, adding some aspects that I think make it a better reflection of me. I love stand-up, so the Sunday Stand-up series was created. I think that lots of people have fascinating stories, so I created the A Pretty Funny Interview series.* All of this while still throwing in my own content, varying from old stories to opinions to feelings.

*BTW I still am looking for people with cool stories to share. If you know someone, or are someone (and guess what, you definitely are someone!) who would want to be interviewed, let me know!

I’ve never really explained the name, but that’s because it came to me suddenly. Not in a dream, or written in the stars. It’s been something I’ve repeated to myself before. I honestly do believe that it, all of it, is pretty funny. There has to be humour in life. Obviously, not every situation will have humour in it, and that’s not what I mean. Life always will be funny, or return to being funny.

This week I was walking around the mall doing my least favourite activity: pants shopping. Not finding any good pairs had put me in a terrible mood. It was raining outside. I’d eaten a bad dinner. I was cranky to put it mildly.

A young boy, maybe six, was running through a store to meet his mom who had called him. As he ran past three teenage girls in front of me, he slid to the side and said “excuuuuuuuuuse me, ladies!” And it was the purest thing I’d heard in a long time, so I laughed. The girls laughed. His mom laughed. That kid was pretty funny.

I guess I just like the little things, the funny clips, the memes, the comments, and finding people to share them with. I’ve loved every roommate I’ve ever had because it’s been like living in a sitcom. Coworkers say the greatest things. And there is no better feeling than being the person who reminds someone that in the end it’s all pretty funny.

Families have a lot of defining characteristics and things to tie them together. For some it is sports, or religion, or something else. My family it’s always been jokes. Each member of my family can recite for you George Carlin’s Seven Dirty Words You Can’t Say On TV.┬áComedians are revered as philosophers, and we laugh at everything. That’s where I get it from. My mom is funnier than I am, and my dad is sarcasm in human form. Combine those together and you get this guy.

So now I’ve kind of explained myself, and it’s not groundbreaking in any way. It’s just the way I try to live. I laugh at myself and love the laughter of others. I guess this blog is just my way of trying to show everyone that life is pretty funny too.

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