Sunday Standup – Katherine Ryan

A Canadian in the U.K. who pulls no punches.

Happy day after Canada Day! Canada is the land of funny people that Americans try to take credit for but they are all ours, so back off.

In the land that provided the comedy world with Jim Carey, John Candy, Norm MacDonald and more, I had ample comedians to choose from for a Canadian-themed standup.

Katherine Ryan is a Canadian comic living in the United Kingdom, mainly to get away from her hometown that she does not hold back on in her special. (Sorry, Sarnia)

Her special In Trouble is hilarious the entire way through. Between talking about her experience as a mother, dating men younger than herself, and how she is “Taylor Swift with a soul,” it is a fantastic special with a lot of audience interaction and a great closer about her sister’s upcoming wedding.

If you’re looking for a good Canadian standup to watch for Canada Day, check out In Trouble on Netflix. If you don’t have Netflix, borrow an account from someone else. Canadians tend to share.

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