Sunday Standup – Robin Williams Live on Broadway

This might have the most jokes per minute of any standup special ever.

Warning – this set is NSFW. Robin says a lot of things, and a lot of those should not be blasting in your cubicle.

There might not be a comedian I admire more than Robin Williams. Of course I knew his movies – they were fantastic. Mrs. Doubtfire holds up as hilarious today. So does Good Morning Vietnam, Hook, Patch Adams, and the like. He was a ball of energy unlike any comedian before him, and likely any comedian that will come after him.

I never liked Jumanji but that is because the first time I watched it I was like seven and holycrapaboardgamethatcankillyouisalittlemuchnothankyou.

It was seeing him do stand-up, specifically this set in New York City, that made him one of my comedy heroes. He just doesn’t stop moving. A dozen water bottles are needed just to fuel his constant line of jokes and impressions.

Sometimes when I get “on” and am in a zone, I feel a bit like Robin Williams. Never with the same energy, but maybe I’ll get there one day. I wish he was still here to give us more jokes.

For now though, enjoy this inappropriate and wonderful look at the world in Robin Williams – Live on Broadway.

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