100% Success Rate

A story and a video that make me laugh, guaran-damn-teed.

Fun fact – today I got cut off by someone in the drive-thru for Tim Hortons. The person ended up paying for my hot chocolate and bagel to make amends, and told the window person to make sure I knew how sorry he was.

I love Canada sometimes.

Laughter is the best medicine, provided you don’t account for traditional medicine. But seriously, it’s real good for you.

When I have rough days, I have lots of places I can go for a laugh. I’m sharing two – read one and watch the other if you want a good laugh.

The first is a story about wrestling. I am a wrestling fan because… well because it is awesome. It is part athletic competition, part telenovela, part bad-ass reality show. Plus someone once gave birth to a hand, so it’s pretty realistic:

That’s not the post I meant though. It’s a Reddit post about a guy who took mushrooms and went to a live WWE show in Vancouver. I can’t help but cry laugh whenever I read it. If you’ve ever watched wrestling, or you think it’s ridiculous, or both – read it here.

The other one is a standup bit by one of my favourite comedians, John Mulaney. The only set up I will provide is it involves Tom Jones, a diner, and I have yet to get through it completely without losing my breath laughing.

What things make you laugh without fail? What videos, stories, jokes, etc? Send them to me! I’m always looking for a laugh and to add more to my hilarious rotation.

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