For context, I’m writing this while eating Fruit Gushers.

Adulting is a verb that isn’t really a word that a lot of my friends use now. It’s a weird one, because there is no real context around it. Lots of things can count as “adulting.”

Buying a piece of furniture instead of having it donated from a family friend? Adulting.

Remembering tax season before a concerned call from your parents? Definitely adulting.

Being in bed by 11 pm on a Friday? Textbook adulting.

At least, that’s what I understand from my friends. At the same time, we’re all still adjusting to the “real world” after college and university. We’re finding our bearings, pursuing our callings and doing big things.

That’s why it’s okay to be adult-ish. Yes, keep making those strides living independently. But it’s okay to still be a kid, or make a mistake. We’re all going through it at the same time, which makes for a great support network.

It’s a lot more fun to celebrate the successes of your friends than to compare where you are with them. I have friends who are now managers, married, kids on the way, houses bought, dream vacations accomplished, and goals well on the way to being realized. Just because I’m not there in some of those aspects, doesn’t mean I’m failing in the “real world.”

It means I’m still learning this whole thing. I’m forging my own path and trying my best. Sometimes that’s a path that has entire nights of playing video games, or eating an impossibly high number of chicken nuggets. But it’s okay, because the path keeps going. And I keep getting better at being adult-ish.

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