The Wedding Dancefloor

If you watch the dancefloor at a wedding, you’ll find love actually is all around us.

The opening to one of my favourite holiday movies, Love Actually, talks about how messages of love can be found all through Heathrow Airport. Not necessarily grand in nature, but pure forms of love between partners, friends, families and the like.

I find something similar on the dancefloor at a wedding.

So many different versions of love all sharing the same space. Weddings get me every single time. The sight of the love between two people being celebrated in the way they want just lightens the spirit. The first dance between newlyweds is an incredible sight to see.

But there are so many other shows of love and affection on that dancefloor. The father-daughter dance, the mother-son dance, and any combination of those kinds of dances. To witness the connection of a parent and child on one of the happiest days of their lives is precious.

There are old couples out there, risking busting a hip as they bust a move, reminiscing on their own wedding days and falling more in love with the person they’re dancing with. There are the young kids, out past their bedtime, just loving the sugar rush they get from the wedding cake.

The dancefloor is full of new couples and old friends, and all of them becoming new friends as they gather to boogey down and share in laughter and celebrate the newly married couple.

Wedding ceremonies are usually the tearjerkers. For me, I will always see the love on the dancefloor.

And I’ll probably be dancing, too.


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