Playing Pretend

I’m 24 years old and still play pretend by trying different things. It’s actually really fun.

This weekend I got to see my four-year-old brother be a baseball player, a construction worker, a cop, and a “bad guy.” All in the span of about an hour. The kid has a wonderful imagination.

I realize as well that my imagination is pretty good too. It’s something the two of us have in common. And with that, comes my desire to be and do a million different things.

Depending on the day my mind can wander to wanting to fulfill many different careers. Right now, I’m indulging in the part that wants to be a writer. The need to create is a constant in my life, but it takes different forms.

Sometimes I put my teacher hat on and want to influence the next generation of minds. Student affairs is a branch of that tree that fulfills me in so many ways. I work with talented and ambitious student leaders. And you know what? Sometimes I still want to be some ridiculous things as well.

There are days I want to tour the world and tell jokes. There are days I want to fast forward to starting a family and having my own kids. There are days I sit down, eat 20 chicken nuggets and play video games till 4 am. It’s a scattered version of balance, but it is an attempt at balance none the less. That’s because I’m letting myself try. And there is no doing without a try. (Sorry, Yoda)

Learn to embrace the chaos and the desire to be everything at once. I try to build different parts of myself every day, and some days I don’t build anything. That’s alright, because becoming yourself is a lot of playing pretend until the things you love just stick.

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